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Repair Services

Our Repair Services

Bathtub & Shower Repairs:

  • Removal of peeling paint
  • Repair of cracks and chips
  • Removal and repair rust
  • Fiberglass patch
  • Repair & Fill gaps between tub and tile walls
  • Caulking removal & Replacement
  • Overflow & Drain Repair
  • Rail repair
  • ADA Grab bar repair
  • Fiberglass surround seam repair
  • Valve/Fixture hole repair
  • Plumber Cut-Out repair
  • Foam filler support for tub floor repair
  • Reconstruction of tub/shower floors
  • Non-skid additive available for bathtubs and shower


Countertop & Vanity Repairs:

  • Burn Mark Repair
  • Formica Seam Repair
  • Bull Nose repair
  • End Caps Repair
  • Chips/cut marks/knife marks Repair
  • ADA Countertop Seam Repair
  • Tile Countertop Repair

Sink & Basin Repairs:

  • Remove of Peeling Paint
  • Crack Repair
  • Hole Repair
  • Rust Repair
  • Overflow Repair
  • Drain Repair

ADA Bathtub Modifications

Do you need easier access to your bathtub?

AAA Refinishing Corp offers affordable options with our ADA bathtub modifications, making safe access to your existing bathtub. Our walk-in bathtub modifications offer easy and convenient access to the bathtub. There is no need to replace the existing bathtub with expensive walk-in options.

We can create step-in or convertible bathtubs for standard and high-profile bathtubs. Our technicians do same day installation with completion ranging from 3 to 5 hours. The bathtub will be ready for use within 24 hours!

We are CleanCut Independent Installers

after counter top refinishing in San Diego
before counter top refinishing in San Diego

Is your bathtub rusted and cracked? Does your counter have cut marks or burn marks?

Our expert Technicians will evaluate the condition of your existing surface and take the time to repair and restore them to make them look like new again.

Do your tub walls look dated? Let us install new acrylic walls over your existing old tub walls. Call us for a free estimate.


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