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Refinishing Services

We are the only Southern California Refinishing Company that has 0% VOC Premium Odorless Paint options.

Safety is our number one concern here at AAA Refinishing Corp. As technology has advanced and VOCs have become a concern, we answered that concern with providing Premium Odorless Paint that has NO VOCs.

Premium Odorless paint (NO VOC) is ideally used for the following instances; occupied units, sensitive tenants or circumstances where the tenants need to be back into their homes quickly. When using our Premium Odorless paint residents can usually return to their home within two hours after work is completed.

The Premium Odorless paint used on countertops and vanities is non-toxic water-based paint. Residents may resume using their finished products the following morning versus the usual 24 hour dry time for “regular paint”. Premium Odorless paint is available for turnover or large scale projects. Premium Odorless paint comes with a 5 year warranty on bathtubs and showers and a 3 year warranty on all countertops and vanities. 

    Now offering Antimicrobial Coatings!

    We now offer a Topcoat System for tubs, sinks, tile, counters and vanities that contains Sterlion Silver Ion Technology that protects against the surface growth of bacteria including; E.coli, Staph, mold, mildew, and fungus. 

    This silver-based coating inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99% and will minimize discoloration and bad odors caused by bacteria.  The Antimicrobial protection will last the lifetime of the Topcoat.  Try our antimicrobial coatings to protect your counters, tubs and tile!

    Do you have an old discolored bathtub or countertop? Check out our refinishing
    services below!

    Refinishing Services

    • Formica Kitchen Counter
    • Formica Kitchen Counter & Bar
    • Tile Kitchen Counter
    • Kitchen Sink
    • Backsplashes

    • Fiberglass Tub Unit
    • Porcelain Tub
    • Tub Tile Walls
    • Acrylic Surrounds

    • Showers

    • Shower pans

    • ***Acrylic Tub wall Installation

    • Vanity & Basin/Vanity Unit
    • Vanity Top
    • Bathroom Basin
    • Fireplace Surround
    • Fireplace Hearth
    Update the look of your kitchen or bathroom by refinishing EXISTING bathtubs, countertops, showers, floors and tiles.  Most jobs can be completed in less than a day and can be ready for use approximately 24 hours after the completion. We offer affordable options to update your interiors in a reasonable time frame without dealing with major remodel inconveniences or the high cost of replacing bathtubs or countertops.

    Our Process

    Step 1 – Clean Surface

    Step 2 – Prep Surface

    Step 3 – Mask Surface

    Step 4 – Repair, Primer & Spray Surface

    Step 5 – Remove Masking and there you have it!


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