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Save time and money with our refinishing and repair services!

AAA Refinishing Corp. specializes in Restoring & Refinishing Bathtubs and Countertops in Southern California. We enhance the look of your existing bathtubs and countertops without the cost of a full remodel. Our comprehensive expertise and precise application process combined with quality products will ensure your total satisfaction with our refinishing projects. We are licensed contractors and are fully insured. In addition, we provide warranty on our finished projects.

Refinishing With Style

Multi-Color Finishes

Need an update?

At AAA Refinishing Corp. we understand the need to revitalize your space while staying on budget. The importance of a simple color change can make a world of difference in your kitchen or bathroom. We offer a wide range of multicolor options to fit your personal preference.

Also offering Clean Cut Bathtub Modifications for easier bath accessibility.

We are tub and counter repair experts!

We are able to repair plumber cut outs on bathtubs. Need a new tub surround? We also offer installation of acrylic tub walls… Learn More here! 


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Have an occupied property? Maybe you need a quick vacant unit turn?

Ask us about our Premium Odorless Paint and Premium Water based Paint

Have an occupied property? Maybe you need a quick vacant unit turn?

Ask us about our Premium Odorless Paint and Premium Water based Paint. We service many commercial resurfacing project accounts. Property management companies, multifamily housing, churches, professional offices, restaurants and various business establishments. We use the same technics and same products to produce the same results! We can resurface anything from wood, laminate, fiberglass, porcelain, cast iron, metal, plastic, tile and more. Keep your bathrooms, employee work areas and tiled areas updated and modern by resurfacing instead of replacing! Get a Free commercial resurfacing project quote today!

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