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About AAA Revishing

We have a proven track record, with over 25 years of experience.

AAA Refinishing Corp. is a professional company specializing in the resurfacing and repairing of kitchen countertops, bathtubs, showers and bathroom vanities and basins. We offer the highest quality of workmanship and service that the industry has to offer. We are licensed contractors and are equipped to do large rehabilitation jobs as well as small jobs, providing the extra service of personally detailing and checking the quality of each job we perform. In addition, we now add fragrance to our paint, upon request, to make it more pleasant for surrounding tenants. Our technicians are extensively trained in their job as well as in all safety procedures and take great pride in their work. The result is unequaled performance combined with the most cutting edge products offered in our profession. Our comprehensive experience and precise application knowledge are unsurpassed in our field. This experience, combined with our complementary quality control system will ensure the most important requirement of all... Your satisfaction.